M. C. Smith & Associates, Inc. was formed in March 1977 by Michael C. Smith. The firm provides award winning Landscape Architectural and Architectural services. Principals include Kathleen G. Waters, RA; Jolanta Stecka, RA; Melinda R. Whitten, RLA; and Tiffany A. Smith, RLA. Michael C. Smith is the firm’s Creative Director. On March 15, 2017, MCSA Group, Inc. (M.C. Smith Associates and Architectural Group, Inc.) turned 40 and we became a Woman-Owned Business.

Love CreekThe firm’s office is located in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. MCSA Group, Inc. provides Architectural and Landscape Architectural Services for the following types of projects: Public Housing; Federal, State and Municipal Government; Park and Recreation Architecture; Sports Facilities, Historical Rehabilitation; Private and Commercial Buildings; Streetscapes and Plazas; Community and Neighborhood Parks; Waterfront Parks; Sports and Athletic Facilities; Boardwalks, Decks and Bridges; Trails and Linear Parks; Playgrounds; Site and Street Lighting; Signage Design; Site Planning; Community Recreation Plans; Grant Applications and Facility Assessments.

In addition to our professional staff of Architects and Landscape Architects, MCSA Group, Inc. has excellent consultants for specialized portions of specific projects. These consultants extend our team capabilities by providing such disciplines as: surveying, soils analysis, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering and traffic engineering.

Galien RiverBy offering a full range of professional services through the entire planning, design, engineering and development process, MCSA Group provides each client with comprehensive services. Our diversity ensures a responsiveness to the wide range of issues and concerns facing each client. Our experience enables us to develop solutions that are creative, yet sensitive to each project's specific goals and objectives.

Our professional services are based upon the principle that if a project cannot be appropriately implemented within mutually agreed upon budget parameters, then we have not succeeded. This follows that we do not believe that design principles, as well as sound engineering, need be compromised in any manner. We have demonstrated that outstanding, award winning projects can be achieved without needing to be designed beyond budget limitations.

Rosewood ParkOur construction documents for every project are complete and comprehensive, detailing all components and systems of the construction. Our plans provide contractors a solid base for bidding, resulting in excellent bids. Construction based upon our plans is completed with minimal change orders and in accordance with the established schedule. We provide complete construction administration for all projects.

We practice a high level of sustainable design and believe that both facility development and environmental conservation and preservation can be structured side-by-side. Projects are properly designed and implemented to enhance each other.

Our clients, as end users, are most often members of the public. The public facilities and spaces that we design optimize individual and collective experiences, providing positive and enjoyable outcomes for all users. We strive to optimize designs that are easily maintained, have long life cycles, and do not overly tax Owner’s budgets for maintenance, management or support.